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Dark Spots, causes and treatment

Oct 08 2013

  One of the most common aesthetic concerns for both women and men is skin discoloration.  Very often, our skin can be affected by dark pigments, sometimes in the form of red or brown larger patches along the exposed areas of our face (forehead, cheeks) and our body (arms, legs, shoulders). These dark pigments usually contribute to damaging our self-esteem and are often difficult to cover up, even with the use of thick and heavy makeup. In dermatology, this darkening of an area of skin or nails is called Hyperpigmentation. What causes Hyperpigmentation? Skin pigmentation (or hyperpigmentation) is usually the...

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Summer Heat and SunSoleil et Chaleur d'Été

Sep 11 2013

Our skin is the largest organ in our body.  It protects our bodies from the outside world – from injury, infection and heat.   However, the outside world could sometimes be tough on our skin, especially during summer.   The sun, heat, and humidity make the skin work harder and it shows.   The sun and the heat could easily damage our skin.  Dry skin, redness, and sunburn are only some of the visible effects of too much exposure in the sun, and these can keep our skin from looking its best.   Here are a few things you can do to...

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